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Retired, not tired

Helping pensioners achieve new goals

Are you a pensioner and you have unexpected expenses looming? Penaid is here for you. 


Get instant loans from ₦100,000 to ₦1,000,000

with monthly interest rates as low as 4%.


Much more than loans, we offer services such as pension advisory, financial planning and a lot more.

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Your loan in four simple steps…

Applying for a loan can be cumbersome but with Penaid, it is easy. Outlined below is everything you need to get your pension loan. You can complete the entire process within 48 hours.

Let’s dive in!

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Step 2.png
Step 3.png
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Why Choose Us?

Loans as per your pension

At Penaid, we have the right loan to suit your monthly pension. Our loan calculator shows you your eligibility to apply and the duration of your repayment.


No Collateral

Applying for a loan at a bank mostly requires that you provide collateral but with us it is not the case. All we need is your bank statement and a few documents

Low Interest Rate_edited_edited.png

Low-interest rates

Penaid monthly interest rates go as low as 4% with no extra charges. Interest rates like these are hard to come by these days.


Customer Support

Our team of customer service experts are available 24/7 to answer your questions and to guide you where necessary.


We truly care about you

Its more than the loan, its about being there for you when you need us the most through our value added services we aim to enrich lives.  



Com. Akinbote Mukaila
(Chairman, NIPOST Pensioners, Lagos)

I came in contact with Penaid in 2018. I used the loan I collected back then for my house rent after being given the notice to quit. I was surprised to have gotten the loan within 24hrs. I am very grateful to Penaid for being there for me and every Nigerian pensioner in general.

Odedina Olufunmilayo
(RSA Pensioner, Ogun State)

My husband and I have applied for loans at Penaid Limited three times now and all our applications have been granted. We have been using the loans for our last child’s school fees and it has really been helpful as these loans have been able to spread the load of a one-time payment of school fees.

Mohammed Kabiru
(Military Pensioner, Kaduna)

My close friend introduced me to Penaid Limited last year. Still, in doubt, I came down to Lagos to apply for a loan for my failing Agro business. To my surprise, I was credited the day after I got back to Kaduna. Now my business is back to life and blooming.

Enema Ekele (NPA Pensioner, Lagos)

My mother was very sick and in the hospital. The hospital bill was too much for me to pay. In my running up and down looking for money to pay the medical bills, a friend of mine told me about Penaid Limited. I came to the office and got the loan in 48 hours. I shall continue to tell my fellow pensioners as well. Long live Penaid Limited!

Lawal Gbadero
(PHCNPensioner, Lagos)

As a result of the funding I got from Penaid, I have been able to run my school effectively without bothering anyone for funds. I am really grateful.

Mrs Akinwunmi Taylor
(NIPOST, Lagos)

I am a trader at Maza Maza. While I was trying to expand the business in 2018, I went to various finance houses to obtain loans but I was turned down because I am a pensioner. Then a friend told me about Penaid so I went down to the office and to my surprise, I got the money on the third day. At the end of the year, we were even given Christmas hampers to take home as well. Penaid is truly God sent.

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